Santa María del Azogue de Benavente - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Santa María del Azogue de Benavente


- Pater 22%, Filius 21%, Spiritus 12%, Alfa 6%, Omega 11%, Maria 2%, Resurrection 2%, Power 8%, Birds 6%, Censer 5%.
- Trinitas is absent. Stonemason is almost absent. Pater and Spiritus predominate.
- Pater followed by Crosier predominate in the Apses.
- Omega, Alfa, and Stork predominate in Transept.
- Spiritus, Cross pattée, and Pater predominate on the Nave Walls.
- Construction began in 1180 driven by Fernando II. It has influences from Moreruela, San Isidoro de León and Santiago de Compostela. It has one first building phase in sandstone like Moreruela in which built the header, the transept, and the perimeter of the Nave.  It has a second phase in tuff stone in which built the rest of the Nave and the west Wall in the last quarter of the thirteenth century.
In the first phase, the common signs with Santa Maria de Moreruela abbey are Crosier and schematized Stork. In the last phase, the common signs with San Isidoro de León are Ihesus and Filius.
- The signs are well marked with good technique. The stork represented strongly schematized.
- I am grateful to the parish priest of this church that allowed me to do this work and helped me showing some not accessible areas.


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