San Miguel de Fuentidueña - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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San Miguel de Fuentidueña


-Trinitas 11%, Filius 50%, Spiritus 5%, Alfa 5%, Stonemasons 20%.
-Omega is absent. Pater and Maria are almost absent. Trinitarized Saint Andrew's Cross, Compass, Greek Cross, and Goose's Paw predominate.
- Greek, Patriarchal, and Cross pattée predominate in the Apse.
- Compass, trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross, and Alfa predominate in Nave walls.
- Square, Greek Cross, and trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross predominate in Arcaded Gallery.
- Trinitarized Saint Andrew ’s Cross, Compass, and Greek Cross predominate in the Tower.
- The trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross closed only on one side.  The Goose's Paw closed forming a triangle. Several games of alquerque engraved on the sill of arcaded gallery; this could serve for player position on and off of the Gallery. There is also an ashlar, in a wall, with alquerque game that could not be used to play (see Tab 22 games).


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