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San Marcos de Salamanca



- Trinitas 11%, Pater 4%, Filius 43%, Stonemasons 28%, Horseshoe 2%.
- Spiritus and Maria are absent. Trinitarized Saint Andrew's Cross, Compass, and Square predominate.
- Saint Andrew's Cross, Ihesus, Compass, Arrow, and realistic Horseshoe predominate in the Apse.
- Trinitarized Saint Andrews’ Cross, Square, and Compass predominate in the Nave Walls.
- Large and well marked signs. Good technique.
- The round shape of the Church, its position along the walls of Salamanca, and the signs profile suggests its assignment to a Military Order. There are realistic horseshoes inscribed in six stones where are represented the holes for the nails; this sign located in churches of military orders. In Uclés headquarters of the Order of Santiago, there are representations of mounted on horseback knights that they have in the bottom part of the picture some horseshoes as a symbol of the knight.


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