Monasterio de Santa María de la Oliva de Navarra - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Monasterio de Santa María de la Oliva de Navarra



- Trinitas 17%, Pater 9%, Filius 14%, Spiritus 4%, Alfa 14%, Omega 4%, Stonemasons 10%, Maria 3%, Heaven 6%, Power 7%, Temptation 4%.
- Arrow, Alfa A, and Pater predominate.
- Arrow, Alfa, Heaven, they predominate in the Apses.
- Alfa, Pater, and Arrow, they predominate in the Transept.
- Alfa and Boot predominate in the Columns.
- Pater, Alfa, and Key, they predominate on the Nave Walls.
- It has two construction phases: the first phase started in 1164 until the late XII century, they made apses, transept and the first section of the Nave; in the 2nd phase XIII century,  it built the rest with a slowdown between the two phases. There are differences in the stonemason's signs of both phases. It is a magnificent abbey currently active and has the greatest number of signs (over 5,000).
- The signs are well marked and technically of good quality. Horseshoe has a
double line.
- There are some own signs: Chevrons, Branch and Chalice.
- In one of the columns there is a beautifully executed realistic fish with scales.
I am grateful to P. Daniel who gave me photocopies of the ground plan and all facilities to do the work. I also had occasion to hear the organ music played by a British monk.


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