60 Monasterio de Santa María de Fitero de Navarra - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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60 Monasterio de Santa María de Fitero de Navarra



- Trinitas 4%, Pater 3%, Filius 34%, Spiritus 4%, Alfa 4%, Omega 4%, Stonemasons 15%, Maria 15%, Weapons 5%.
- Maria, Greek Cross, and Cross pattée, they predominate.
- Cross pattée and Spiritus predominate in the Apses.
- Cross pattée, Arrow, Alfa, and Compass, they predominate in the Ambulatory columns.
- Greek Cross and trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross predominate in the Transept.
- Star of eight points and Greek Cross predominate in the Columns Nave.
-Star of eight points, Cross pattée, and Greek Cross, they predominate on the Nave Walls.
It is the "second" Fitero Abbey. It was a first abbey probably built in the first half of XII century. It said to be the first Cistercian abbey in Spain. It seems to have three construction phases. In the first phase, it built headboard, transept, and external perimeter walls without covering, 1180 -? In the second phase, it built the first part of the nave. In the third phase, it built the remaining of the nave and the west wall ¿ - 1247.
- It has a good number of swastikas. There is a sign which is a giraffe by its long neck which also appears in Gradefes although with a female head.
- I am grateful to the parish priest D. Javier who gave me all the facilities and also to Carmen Yanguas responsible for the tourist office with whom I exchanged information about the monastery.


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