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Monasterio Santa María de Mave



Trinitas 7%, Filius 20%, Spiritus 48%, Stonemasons 9%, Maria 12%, Heaven 3%.
- Pater, Alfa, and Omega are absent. Spiritus Z and S and Greek Cross predominate.
- Spiritus Z, Greek Cross, and eight-pointed Stars predominate in Columns and Archs.
- Spiritus Z, Greek Cross, and Spiritus S predominate on the Nave Walls
-Benedictine abbey restored at the end of the twelfth century (1192) by Doña Sancha Jimenez reign of Alfonso VIII. The Stonemason signs indicate two construction phases well differentiated: in the 1st phase, apses and the first tranche of the Nave including the first four columns, there are only Key, Heaven, and Trinitas (triangle), in total only 69 signs and almost none in the apses. In the second phase, it constructed the remaining interior walls of the Nave, with 1,367 signs, Spiritus (S, Z), Maria (Star), Christ predominate, and there are no signs of the first phase. These data suggest that the 1192 restoration performed the 2nd phase. There is an inscription on the west wall inside "
ANNIS MILLENIS COMPLETIS ATQUE DUCENTIS" (full millennium year and also two hundred). According to these data, the reconstruction was performed in 8 years what seems too little time.


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