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Iglesia Santiago de Agüero


- Trinitas 11%, Filius 31%, Spiritus 7%, Alfa 7%, Stonemasons 25%, Power 7%, Weapons 9%.
- Pater is absent. Cross pattée and Square predominate.
- Square, Cross pattée, Dagger, and Key predominate. This two last signs are characteristic of this church.
- Cross pattée and Square predominate in the Nave.
- The key indicates a building of the first half of the twelfth century.
- It built only the apse and the start of the transept. It closed abruptly, and so remained till today. It is one of the few Romanesque churches in good state, which has not been retouched. The construction initiators were a powerful institution by the quality of the whole work. It seems not to be a Monastery since it has no additional buildings. I think that a Military Order was the builder. I think the Temple due to the presence of Alfa, and absence of Omega. This hypothesis would fit with Ramon Berenguer IV, the start of Poblet, the general situation, and changes in Aragon.
- I thank Ramiro Molina's house allowing the visit to this special church.


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