56 Santa María Magdalena de Zamora - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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56 Santa María Magdalena de Zamora


Trinitas 21%, Filius 35%, Spiritus 16%, Alfa 4%, Stonemasons 18%.
- Maria is absent. Pater is almost absent. Greek Cross, Spiritus, Saint Andrew’s Cross, Trinitas, and Compass, they predominate.
- Spiritus, Trinitas, and Arrow predominate in the Apse.
- Greek Cross, Saint Andrew’s Cross, and Compass predominate on the Walls Nave.
-It began in 1165 and completed in 1215 although it seems not finished.
-The walls are screeds and unfinished at the entire height initially projected. The master builder was Giral Fruchel burgundian. It has two constructive phases. In the first phase, it built the apse and the eastern half of the nave there is the predominance of Omega (5%), Alpha (1%), and presence of Spiritus (S and Z). In the 2nd phase, it performed the western half of the nave with a predominance of Alpha (12%) over the Omega (0%), and the presence of Spiritus (S with spiral termination at both ends).
- According to the signs, the first phase should be ascribed to Cluny considering the burgundian origin of the master builder. Another possibility is the assignment to the Order of St. John (W> A). The second phase should be ascribed to the influence of Cistercians and more probably to the Knights Templar (A> W). By the dissolution of Templars in the fourteenth century, it could come back to the Order of St. John. It is an interesting enigma.
- The significant presence of arrows indicates the Santiago’s Way.


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