Santa Eufemia de Cozuelos de Palencia - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Santa Eufemia de Cozuelos de Palencia


- Trinitas 13%, Filius 24%, Spiritus 6%, Alfa 6%, Ecclesia 4%,  Stonemasons 14%, Power 27%.
- Pater, Omega, and Maria are absent. Mandorla and Greek Cross predominate.
- Mandorla and Greek Cross predominate absolutely.
- Mandorla and Spiritus predominate in Transept.
- Mandorla, Spiritus, and Alfa predominate in the Nave Columns.
- Square, Arrow, Cross pattée, Ecclesia, and Goose's Paw predominate on
the Nave Walls.
- It is a female monastery of the Order of Santiago for widows, and the wives of the
Knights. It was an ancient monastery donated by Alfonso VIII to Sancho Fernandez, first master of the Order of Santiago. I recommend the excellent article by Ma Soledad Diaz Ferrer Vidal y Diaz de Reguero.
- Stonemason signs identify two different building phases. The first phase comprises Apses, Transept and the beginning of the Nave. The second phase comprises the remaining of the Nave it is of worst construction quality including the western door. The low quality of this last phase is due to be built in a difficult historical period impacted by the defeat of Alarcos in which the Master of Santiago dies, the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa and the war between Castile and Leon. The Mandorla shaped as a diamond predominates in the first phase. Ecclesia E and Arrow predominate in the second phase.
- The Greek crosses of the apses seem made by hand without chisel, they are in
large ashlar occupying the cross the whole surface with insecure lines and marks of little depth.
- Some signs of Alfa A have a curious shape. They do not have a horizontal line,
like in A today, it has a tangent horizontal line  to the vertex which closes the ends to the sides of angle forming two triangles.


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