El Salvador de Sepúlveda - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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El Salvador de Sepúlveda


-Trinitas 15%, Filius 40%, Spiritus 15%, Alfa 4%, Omega 3%, Ecclesia 4%, Stonemasons 20%.
- Pater and Maria are absent. Filius predominates.
- Greek cross, Compass, and Alfa predominate in the Church.
- Greek cross and Saint Andrew’s cross predominate in the Tower.
- The compass is represented schematically in a realistic way.
- The tower is filled with signs on its four walls, and almost in all ashlars.
- The signs are very marked, large, and of high quality, they have no concessions to artistic technique.
- The absence of signs in the apse and the west half of the nave, and its presence in the eastern half including the tower, identifies three stages of construction with different owners.


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