Santa María de Sirga de Palencia - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Santa María de Sirga de Palencia


- Trinitas 18%, Filius 14%, Spiritus 8%, Alfa 10%, Omega 7%, Stonemasons 14%, Maria 6%.
- Pater is absent. Greek Cross, Arrow, Alfa, and Square, they predominate.
- Square and Greek Cross predominate in Apses.
- Greek Cross, Square, and Spiritus (Z) predominate in Transept.
- Arrow, Greek Cross, and Alfa predominate in Nave.
- The interior signs are large and very marked with good technique execution.
- The Arrow has a significant presence. It is in the Way of Saint James.
- The six-pointed star indicates a church in the late XII - XIII.
- It is a Templar Church with the predominance of Alpha over Omega, according to the meaning of the renewal brought about by Cister against Cluny.


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