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Colegiata Santa María la Mayor de Toro


- Trinitas 10%, Filius 45%, Spiritus 7%, Alfa 4%, Stonemasons 14%, Maria 17%.
- Pater and Omega are almost absent. Ihesus, Maria represented by the five-pointed Star, and the Anagram predominate.
- Ihesus and Goose's Paw predominate in Apses.
- Ihesus “I” and Maria Anagram predominate on Nave Walls.
- Saint Andrew’s Cross, Maria Anagram, and Ihesus predominate in Tower.
- Greek Cross and Arrow predominate in Capilla de Santo Tome.
- Its location on the plateau near the Duero river cliff gives it an imposing monumental aspect. We distinguish at least two constructive phases differentiated by the color of the stone used. Mary is important on the whole, and particularly in the polychrome Door of Majesty whose tympanum represents the coronation of Mary. This importance reflected in the high percentage of signs symbolizing Mary. The four major elements contained in Mary coronation are present in Mary signs: Mary crowned, Christ Rex Kingmaker, Mandorla, Christ Pantocrator and Censer.
- The Mandorla is in its classical almond form. Only in Santa Eufemia de Cozuelos the Mandorla has also that importance.


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