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This web and the book The stonemason’s signs in the Romanesque churches in Spain  are the result of curiosity and the work of nine years, 96 churches visited and 4.000 hours of analysis. The double condition of the author, José Luis Bozal, engineer and historian, has led him to the moment of the publication of this book after 9 years of hard work.
It is a work that combines:
• the scientific aspects of a comprehensive fieldwork forming a body of stonemason's signs statistically significant of churches of the eleventh to thirteenth centuries in Spain, which confirm the conclusions about its possible meaning. They are identified the differences in the various historical periods and they assist in the confirmation of the different phases of construction of churches.
• the artistic aspects are presented with a wide photographic documentation highlighting the beauty of schematic.
symbolic signs and whose meaning has an internal logic linked to the beliefs, values and lifestyles of the medieval world.
They were reviewed a total of about 67,350 signs of 50 different kinds, reflected in more than 50,000 photos. This work provides the largest database of stonemason's signs in Romanesque churches in Spain from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries. It facilitates the task of Romanesque’s scholars and provides a guide to the general public for interpreting and locating these humble symbols.

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