Virgen de la Peña Sepúlveda - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Virgen de la Peña Sepúlveda


- Trinitas 17%, Filius73%, Spiritus 9%, Alfa 2%, Stonemasons 10%, Mary 1%.
- Pater is absent, and Mary is almost absent. Greek Cross, Goose’s paw, and Cross pattée predominate.
- There are only 8 characters in the Apse. The percentage is not significant, but
there are 6 Saint Andrews' Cross.
- Greek cross, followed by Cross pattée, and Spiritus predominate on the Nave walls.
- Goose’s Paw predominates absolutely in the arcaded gallery.
- The magnificent tympanum has a "Christ Pantocrator" with diamond-shaped mandorla as the predominant sign in Santa Eufemia de Cozuelos.
- The Stonemason's signs can determine four construction phases.


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