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Monasterio de Santa María de Poblet


- Trinitas 11%, Pater 17%, Filius 21%, Spiritus 1%, Alfa 1%, Stonemasons
18%, Maria 3%, Heaven 9%, Weapons 10%.
- Omega is absent. Spiritus, Alfa, and Maria are almost absent. Pater, Square, and Heaven predominate.
- Square, Pater, and Heaven predominate in Apses.
- Greek cross, Saint Andrew’s Cross, and Rex predominate in Ambulatory columns.
- Pater, Flag, and Heaven predominate in Transept.
- Pater and Heaven predominate in the Nave
- Pater, Dagger, and Arrow predominate in the spiral Staircase.
- There is realistic scissors of great beauty on an ashlar.
- The sickles are large, and of good execution. It is a death sign, and it is part of the Catalonia anthem. The Weapons signs abound in comparison to other monasteries, but there are not in the apses (the most sacred part).
- The profile of signs, except in apses, is of the late twelfth century or thirteenth century. For this reason, the six- pointed star predominates over the pentagram, it has crossbow and   cross of two traces, except in apses (XII century).
- In the apses there are dagger's hilts and ANOLL's engravings, two signs similar to those of Santiago de Agüero. In his magnificent web, Antonio Omedes suggests this relationship and provides a good comparative study.


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