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Monasterio de Santa María de Veruela


- Trinitas 14%, Pater 8%, Filius 17%, Spiritus 7%, Alfa 6%, Omega 9%, Stonemasons 24%, Mary 4%, Power 6%.
- Square and Arrow predominate, but with balanced distribution of other signs.
- Square and Arrow predominate in the apses and transept.
- Square, Pater, Spiritus, and Arrow predominate in the Nave.
- Rex and Alpha predominate in the Storehouse.
- Square, Ecclesia, and five-pointed Stars predominate in the Chapter.
- There are three different construction phases which maintained the same signs
with different typology. The keys, in the apses, are of the XII century type while, in the Nave, predominates the XIII century type. Storks represented by their heads.
- The Church is exceptional to relate stonemason's signs and the dates of the building phases because they are written on its walls. It is a magnificent
Abbey, it maintains the complete medieval structure.
I thank to the Abbey team and especially to the guide Ana for her help and interest and to Angel.


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