58 San Juan de Portomarín de Lugo - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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58 San Juan de Portomarín de Lugo


- Trinitas 6%, Pater 13%, Filius 35%, Spiritus 2%, Omega 3%, Ecclesia 4%, Stonemasons 22%, Heaven 2%, Power 6%, Temptation 3%.
- Alfa and Maria are absent. Latin Cross and Pater predominate.
- Compass, Latin Cross, and Trinitas predominate in Apses.
- Pater, Greek Cross, Latin Cross, and Ihesus, followed by Square, they predominate on the Nave Walls.
- It presents a sign representing a Chalice (110 in total).
- It is a stunning church-fortress of the Military Order of San John. The stone color is very white and well polished. The old town and the church were on the shore in the Miño River, and it had to cross the river through the bridge for to follow the Santiago’s Way. It built a dam-reservoir that forced to move all the stones to its present location, and numbered for the move. This is a place of sealing card for pilgrims.
- The profile of signs points to the thirteenth century.


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