59 San Miguel de Estella Navarra - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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59 San Miguel de Estella Navarra


- Trinitas 26%, Pater 9%, Filius 26%, Spiritus 13%, Alfa 5%, Stonemasons 8%, Power 5%, Censer 3%.
- Omega is absent. Ecclesia and Maria are almost absent. Arrow, Cross pattée, and Spiritus S, they predominate.
- Cross pattée and Arrow predominate in the Apses. Pater and Censer are absent.
- Arrow predominates in the Transept.
- Spiritus, Pater, and Arrow predominate in the Columns.
- Arrow predominates on the Walls Nave.
- This church located on the Santiago’s way and, therefore, abounds the Arrow as a sign of Heaven's Way. Church-fortress whose name would suggest Military Order of the Temple, but the presence of Omega and absence of Alfa could indicate the Military Order of Saint John. Attached to the church, there is a small fourteenth century chapel dedicated to St. George slaying the dragon (legendary evolution of Archangel Michael against the Devil).
- I am grateful to Marian Bariarain of the Tourist Office that provided interesting information and also thanks to the Church's guide.


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