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José Luis Bozal González


He has degrees in Engineering and in History and he has an extensive career in business, teaching and public administration. He has held several positions. He was General Manager of Electronics and New Technology of the Ministry of Industry. He was E O I Business School General Manager. He was also Patron of the Bosch y Gimpera foundation at the University of Barcelona, Professor of the School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona, Patron of the Institute of Public Administration and Director of Telefónica, Correos and Bazán. He has several works related to prehistory (Paleolithic), with special interest in glyptography, where is located this study of stonemason' signs.
Over the years he has taught numerous courses and conferences and has conducted publications related with his activities above. Currently chairs the Research Center BZL.
He is author of Evolución. Del átomo al hombre. Repensar a Teilhard de Chardin (Editorial Actas, 2005).

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