Monasterio Santa María de Gradefes - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Monasterio Santa María de Gradefes



- Trinitas 5%, Pater 17%, Filius 13%, Spiritus 3%, Alfa 8%, Omega 16%,
Ecclesia 3%, Heaven's Door 4%, Power 19%, Censer 3%.
- Maria is almost absent.  Stonemasons are absent. Pater, Crosier, Omega, and Alfa predominate.
- Crosier, Pater, and Omega predominate in Apses
- Pater, Alfa, and Omega predominate in Ambulatory Columns.
- Pater, Censer, Filius F, and Omega predominate on Nave Columns.
- It is a female Cistercian Abbey. It built the head and part of Cloister only. It has beautiful proportions and pretty natural lighting inside.
- Crosier represented by a spiral. The Key is of the XIII century type
-It has a big quantity of Royal Crown sign, 27 times. Fleur de Lis is also represented. There are excellent dove heads.
- Signs are of high quality and good technique.
- There are 13 signs of fish represented schematically like in primitive Christianity
. The fish name in Greek is equal to the Christ anagram in Greek.
- I am grateful to the nuns and particularly to the portress nun for her attention and support that gave me for doing my work on August 8, 2011.


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