Monasterio Santa María de Huerta - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Monasterio Santa María de Huerta


Trinitas 4%, Pater 4%, Filius 25%, Spiritus 9%, Alfa 6%, Omega 9%, Stonemasons 10%, Maria 6%, Heaven's door 13%, Power 8%, Censer 4%.
- Heaven's door, Ihesus, and Crosier predominate.
- Heaven, Spiritus, and Square predominate in Apses and Transept.
- Ihesus, Crosier, and Star predominate in the Nave.
-  Saint Andrew's cross trinitarized, Heaven's Door, and Alfa predominate in the Cloister.
- Heaven's Door, Ihesus, and Compass predominate in the Sacristy.
- The signs are in many cases "crosierised" (with ends in a spiral) like in Moreruela. It is an exceptional abbey with beautiful signs, well executed, and certain exuberance, as in Moreruela. It belongs to Cistercian reformer. I thank to the abbot for his permission, to the lady in the input, and to the monk Israel who accompanied me in the outer zone of the apses.


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