Monasterio Santa María de Moreruela de Zamora - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Monasterio Santa María de Moreruela de Zamora



- Trinitas 7%, Pater 14%, Filius 32%, Spiritus 9%, Power 23%.
- Maria, Stonemasons, Alfa, and Omega are almost absent. Crosier, Pater, Cross pattée, and trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross predominate.
- Crosier, Pater, and trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross predominate in Apses.
- Pater, Cross pattée, and Crosier predominate in South Wall.
- The signs are of great exuberance and high quality. The force of the first Cister in Spain seems to be reflected in signs quantity and quality in this church.
- Only have reached us the two areas that are cataloged here. How would be the total of the Abbey?
- The quality of the stones and the fineness of its polished, show the building quality.
The presence of most signs of that period, their mixtures and baroquism become this abbey in an exceptional case. The Crosier is the sign par excellence of this Abbey. Most of the signs are "crosierised" finished in a spiral at their ends. The sign composed of Ihesus with Cross is a delicious design. The Cross is present in all versions. P with different ornaments, up to 12 versions, crosierised, trinitarized, crossallized, double in both directions ... T also has different adorned versions. It surprises the near absence of Mary, but it must be taking into account its possible presence in Church destroyed.
The guard Antonio gave me a sheet made by him with all signs. I am grateful.


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