San Juan Bautista de Barbadelos - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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San Juan Bautista de Barbadelos



- Trinitas 26%, Filius 29%, Spiritus 9%, Alfa 5%, Stonemasons 17%, Boot 9%,
Weapons 4%.
- Pater, Omega, and Maria are absent. Trinitas, Square, and Greek Cross, predominate.
. Greek Cross, Saint Andrew’s Cross, Square, and Boot predominate in the Apse. Trinitas is absent.
- Trinitas has absolute predominance, followed by Square and Greek cross, on Nave walls.
- The armor's boot represented schematically and in one case with spur. It is used to dominate the horse and symbolizes the domain of the knight of his inner beast, the temptations and vices. It has the largest percentage of this sign among all the churches of this period.


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