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The dagger, represented by the hilt, abounds in Agüero, exception in two stones where it is represented in its entirety.

The sickle
, as a symbol of death, represented realistically in Santa Maria de Poblet, schematized in Santa Maria de Fitero, San Juan and San Felices of Uncastillo. In Santiago de Compostela Cathedral looks more like a scythe.
Open scissors. This sign corresponds to the superstitious belief that has the attribute to neutralize the evil eye or evil spells.

The flag
and pennant served on the battlefield to identify the status of the various troops and point out their movements. It was also used in the knight homage act. Possibly it symbolizes the act of homage and surrender to God.

Santiago de Agüero (Huesca), Santa María de Poblet (Tarragona), San Nicolás en el Castillo de Monzón (Huesca), Santa María de Monsalud (Guadalajara).

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