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San Bartolomé de Ucero


- Trinitas 12%, Pater 4%, Filius 20%, Spiritus 20%, Ecclesia 11%, Stonemasons 26%, Flag 4%.
-Alpha, Omega, and Mary, they are absent. Spiritus, Square, and Ecclesia predominate.
- Spiritus, Square, and Filius predominate in the Apse.
- Spiritus, Square, and trinitarized Saint Andrews' Cross predominate in the Transept.
- Ecclesia, Arrow, Spiritus, and Square predominate in the Nave.
- The compass is similar to that of El Salvador Sepulveda.
- Some flags have a cross inside.
- The arrows have feathers in their end.
- It is located in the wonderful surroundings of the Lobos river canyon which accentuates its character as a unique place. A military order could be the founder. I had the opportunity to walk this delightful stretch of canyon early in the morning.
I thank to P. Gabriel of Burgo de Osma Seminar, and to Eric, the keeper of the Church.


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