Santa Cruz de Serós de Ribas de Campos Palencia - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Santa Cruz de Serós de Ribas de Campos Palencia



- Trinitas 10%, Filius 41%, Alfa 11%, Omega 3%, Stonemasons 21%, Maria 9%.
- Pater and Spiritus are almost absent. Saint Andrew’s Cross, Greek Cross, and Square predominate.
- Saint Andrew’s Cross, Arrow, and six-pointed Star predominate in Apse.
- Trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross, Square, Greek Cross, and Compass predominate in Nave.
- Saint Andrew’s Cross, Alfa, Maria, and Greek Cross predominate in Sacristy.
- Premonstratensian nuns founded the church late XII and beginning XIII century as evidenced by the keys type and stars of six and eight points. The church and the signs are quite worn. Some Alpha sign built with an angle and a line crossing it.


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