Santa María de la Horta de Zamora - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Santa María de la Horta de Zamora


- Pater 13%, Filius 36%, Spiritus 17%, Omega 14%, Stonemasons 5%, Power 11%.
- Trinitas, Alfa, and Maria are absent. Spiritus, Greek Cross, and Omega predominate.
- Crosier, Spiritus, trinitarized Saint Andrew’s Cross, and Ihesus predominate inside.
- Spiritus, Omega, and Ihesus predominate in Apse.
- Greek cross, Pater, and Spiritus predominate in the Nave Walls.
- Apse has a significant quantity of Fleur de Lis.
- There are four open Scissors. It is a superstitious symbol of protection. It is present mainly in the area of Zamora/Salamanca.
- It has two building phases: Apse and nave in XII century and Tower and extended portico in XIII century.
It meets the characteristic high presence of Omega and absence or less presence of Alfa characteristic of churches of Saint John Military Order. Typology of signs indicates an influence of Moreruela. It has Fleur de Lis like Gradefes.
I worked inside on October 21, 2008 thanks to the kindness of the guard whom I promised send some pictures, which I have not done yet. I am grateful.


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