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Monasterio de Santes Creus de Tarragona


- Trinitas 16%, Pater 4%, Filius 32%, Spiritus 2%, Alfa 6%, Omega 4%, Stonemasons 20%, Maria 11%, Weapons 3%.
- Filius, and particularly Crosses, Greek, Patriarchal, Latin predominate. Many signs are “crossallized”.
- Greek Cross, Alfa, and Compass predominate in Apse.
- Greek Cross, Alfa, and Pater predominate in Transept.
- Compass, Greek Cross, Arrow, and Triangle predominate on Walls and Columns of Nave.
- Compass and Square predominate in Chapter Hall.
- It begins in the year 1174, enshrined in 1211 and ends in 1225. The Stonemason's signs identify two phases of construction. Phase 1 corresponds to the Eastern half and phase 2 to the Western half. In phase 1, twelfth century, Pater predominates over Spiritus and exclusive presence of patriarchal Cross, Latin Cross, Trinitas, and Square. In Phase 2, thirteenth century, exclusive presence of Ihesus, Spiritus, and eight-pointed Star.
- The other signs kept the percentage in the two building phases
- The six-pointed star and the keys indicate a church of late XII or beginning XIII century.
- The wide presence of crosses, and many signs “crossalized" (built based on a cross) relates well with the name of this Church (Saints Crosses).
- There is a stonemason sign that symbolizes a castle crenellated tower with three battlements (101 signs).


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