Ermita de Santa María de Chalamera - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Ermita de Santa María de Chalamera


- Pater 3%, Filius 33%, Stonemasons 25%, Maria 36%, Weapons 3%.
- Trinitas and Spiritus are absent. Eight-pointed Star, Compass, and Filius predominate.
- The outer Transept has different signs from the other areas: Pater, Cross pattée, Square, and Dagger. It seems to be built later, and the dagger’s hilt is like that of Santiago de Agüero.
- Eight-pointed Star, Filius, and Greek Cross predominate in the Walls.
- The eight-pointed star shaped like sun. There is a small central circle with eight arms (☼). I know no other church with this sign. I have some doubt whether it is a sun instead of a star because in the churches of military orders are not many signs of Mary.
- It is a Templar hermitage. At the bottom outside of the south wall of the Transept southern branch, there is an ashlar with a curious triangular face carved.
- I thank to Mayor of Chalamera by his aid for my job.


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