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San Isidoro de León


- Trinitas 24%, Pater 16%, Filius 35% Spiritus 5%, Alfa 0%, Omega 3%, Stonemasons 2%, Power 6%, Censer 5%.
- Filius F, Arrow, and Pater predominate.
- Arrow and hD Christ predominate in Apses.
- hD Christ and Arrow predominate in Transept.
- Pater, Square, Filius F, and Arrow predominate in the Nave.
- The hD sign, in version Christ, is likely to be originally of this Church.
- The abundance of Arrow due to be in the Way of Saint James.
- The church built in late eleventh century, and early twelve. The signs profile is of Cluny period. The restoration made by Torbado in nineteenth century used new signs for the restored stones. It was not a good solution because they may be confused with the originals.


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