San Gil de Luna de Cinco Villas Zaragoza - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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San Gil de Luna de Cinco Villas Zaragoza


- Trinitas 19%, Pater 1%, Filius 4%, Spiritus 11%, Alfa 13%, Stonemasons 51%, Power 1%.
- Omega is absent. Pater and Saint Andrew’s Cross are almost absent. Square, Arrow, Alfa, and Spiritus predominate.
- The same signs as in the total predominate in Apses and on the Nave Walls.
- It has a fairly even distribution of the major signs in all parts of the church. I interpreted as square the blocks that have an oblique line which does not reach the sides of ashlar.
. Its location in an isolated area, constructive appearance, the Templar presence in the area and the Alpha high presence and the absence of Omega suggest an oratory of the Templar Knights.
-  It seems that the plan of the Nave was bigger and did not end, for this reason the West wall is different and with very few signs.
- I was shocked to discover that the holes in the southern wall at the height of a man should correspond to executions during the civil war. Horrific!
- My thanks to the Town Hall of Luna. I maintained an interesting conversation with Asunción Duarte, and I promised to give her news about the publication of this book.


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