Monasterio de San Zoilo de Carrión de los Condes - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Monasterio de San Zoilo de Carrión de los Condes


- Trinitas 5%, Filius 23%, Spiritus 12%, Alfa 1%, Omega 32%, Stonemasons 17%, Earth 3%, Crosier 3%.
- Pater and Maria are absent. Omega, Greek Cross, Square, and Spiritus  predominate.
- Omega and Greek Cross predominate in Apse.
- Omega, Greek cross, and Square predominate on the Nave Walls.
- Great Monastery located along the river Carrion. In mid XI century, it was known as Saint John of the Bridge. In the eleventh century, it enters in Cluny.
- Omega predominates, symbolizing the Last Judgment aligned with the cluniac concept of a Christ-God, almighty, coming to the solemn moment of the end of humanity, in all their magnificence.
The prevalence of Omega in the churches of the Military Order of Saint John should come from the Cluny influence. It has a 4% of arrow heads, Santiago's Way.


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