Iglesia de la Veracruz de Segovia - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Iglesia de la Veracruz de Segovia


- Pater 54%, Filius 27%, Spiritus 5%, Alfa 1%, Stonemasons 10%.
- The Pater with 54% fully dominates in all areas except inside small temple
- The use of the greek letter Π for Pater supports its belonging to an international military Order.
- The name of Veracruz (the True Cross) is due to the possession of a cross fragment probably provided by the founder Military Order.
- The inner small temple has other dominant signs: Greek Cross, Spiritus (Z),
and Square.
- The signs concentrate in pillars and columns located at the altar access, and the entrances of the arches that hold the top of the mall temple. They are the most sacred areas that, for that reason, require greater protection.
- There is a controversy about who was the founder military order of the church. I support the ascription to the Holy Sepulchre with two arguments: first, there is a gravestone with text that ends "... Dedication of the Holy Sepulchre Church in Ides of April, 1246 was "(corresponding to April 13, 1208); second, the signs profile does not correspond to the Temple or St. John instead it has a profile similar to the Holy Sepulchre Church of Zamora, except the Crosier.


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