Iglesia de San Nicolás en el Castillo de Monzón - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Iglesia de San Nicolás en el Castillo de Monzón


- Trinitas 5%, Filius 37%, Stonemasons 14%, Maria 2%, Heaven/Earth 28%, Horseshoe 4%, Flag 8%.
- Greek Cross, Earth, and Square predominate.
- Greek Cross has absolute predominance in the Apse.
- Earth, Greek Cross, and Square predominate on the Nave Walls.
- The abundance of Flag sign (8%) is a characteristic of this Church. It represents the vassalage act to God.
- The presence of Horseshoe (Knight) and Pater (the Greek P) reveal their membership to an International Military Order, Temple. It was the headquarters of this Order in Aragon and Catalonia. The outer walls are deteriorated. The church located in the impressive Monzon Castle, its location and austerity of its architecture, built of brick or stone with embankments without openings, it seems unconquerable.


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