Santa Cecilia de Vallespinoso de Aguilar Palencia - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Santa Cecilia de Vallespinoso de Aguilar Palencia


- Trinitas 24%, Pater 5%, Filius 25%, Spiritus 2%, Alfa 2%, Omega 2%, Stonemasons 17%, Maria 9%, Heaven 5%, Weapons 5%.
- Arrow, Compass, and Saint Andrew’s Cross predominate.
-  Star, Compass, and Omega predominate in Apse.
- Arrow, six-pointed Star, Saint Andrew’s Cross, and Compass predominate on the Nave Walls.
- Arrow, Compass, and Saint Andrew’s Cross predominate in west Input to the South zone.
- Impressive church located high on a rock. The north wall was rebuilt belatedly. It is relatively small but is very well built, well squared stones, capitals and sculptures of good quality in the southern gateway though naive and deteriorated. The presence of Pater (5%) and shaft of the Flag signs (5%) along with the image of a knight in chain mail killing the dragon suggest Military Order. The Order of Calatrava had influence on the right bank of the river Burejo, Valle de Ojeda and the Order of Santiago on the left bank of the river. This church located on the left bank near Santa Eufemia of Cozuelos (Santiago Order) is the way from Burejo valley to Pisuerga. At 8 August 2009, I visited this church served by Cristina Parbole.  She had done a good job copying the stones of the walls and drawn the stonemason signs. She kindly left me her information and helped me in my work in this church. I am grateful.


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