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Evolution Based on the complexity

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Hard copy
15 x 23 cm
15,20 euros

The evolution permeates the way we see the world in today's society. From the Darwinian revolution of the nineteenth century and its subsequent developments throughout the twentieth century with the addition of mutationism and genetics they have changed concepts and values of science, philosophy, sociology and everyday life. However, today more than ever, it is a need an integrated understanding of the laws, at the light of the discoveries made in the last fifty years they have taken us from the atom to man. The validity of these laws brings us closer to understanding the broad outlines of the future development of mankind. This book gives a new integrated vision of the evolutionary development,  it redefines concepts like matter, spirit, energy, complexity, space, time, life, thought and society and specific laws that guide the process from atom to man. It relies on a critical view of the conceptual building of Teilhard de Chardin whose disappearance of evolutionary scene was as fast as his brilliant appearance in the 60's / 70 of XX century. His theories reached various groups: scientists, philosophers, theologians and politicians. Believers and non-believers found in his theories the explanatory coherence of their religious or secular faith.

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