Iglesia del Castillo de Calatrava la Nueva - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Iglesia del Castillo de Calatrava la Nueva


- Trinitas 14%, Pater 9%, Filius 26%, Spiritus 37%, Stonemasons 10%.
- Alfa, Omega, and Maria are absent. Spiritus, Saint Andrew’s Cross, Spiritus, and Pater predominate.
- Spiritus, Saint Andrew’s Cross, Pater, and Arrow predominate in Apse.
- Saint Andrew’s Cross, Spiritus, and Square predominate in the Nave Columns.
- Spiritus, Spiritus (Z), and Pater predominate on the Nave Walls.
- The castle is in an impressive conical hill unconquerable. It is built by the Military Order of Calatrava after the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa (1212)  as a response to Alarcos disaster (1195). In that battle, the Almohads razed to King Alfonso VIII of Castile and ruined the Order of Calatrava. The church impresses with its stark beauty, especially by garnet color of the Calatrava volcanic stone.
- The signs were difficult to mark due to the porosity of the stone.
- I remember the overwhelming feeling I had due to the sound of wind through the narrow windows without crystals of the deserted church.
I am grateful to the guards they gave me every facility.


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