Monasterio San Pedro de las Dueñas de León - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Monasterio San Pedro de las Dueñas de León


- Pater 7%, Filius 5%, Spiritus 30%, Ecclesia 29%, Stonemasons 1%, Heaven Door 7%, Crosier 8%, Censer 1%.
- Trinitas, Alfa, Omega, and Maria are absent. Spiritus, Ecclesia, and Crosier predominate.
- The church started with blocks of stone and finished with brick. It is a female monastery integrated in Cluny. The abundant presence of Ecclesia E reaffirms the hypothesis of a symbol linked mainly to Cluny. Signs have high technical and aesthetics quality.
- The capital of the seven nuns located on the north side of the Triumphal Arch of Central Apse has the same predominant symbols that   in the stonemason signs: dove symbolizing Spiritus Sanctus and Crosier.


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