Catedral San Pedro de Jaca - Stone mason signes - UNREGISTERED VERSION

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Catedral San Pedro de Jaca


Pater 11%, Filius 18%, Spiritus 19%, Alfa 2%, Omega 9%, Ecclesia 16%, Stonemasons 12%, Power 10%.
- Maria is absent. Ecclesia, Spiritus, and Crosier predominate.
- Ecclesia, Square, and Omega predominate in Apses.
- Spiritus and Crosier predominate in the Nave.
- Compass and Spiritus predominate in Nave Arches
- Pater, Greek Cross, and Omega predominate in Market's zone.
- The signs represented and explained in the Chrismon, Pater, Begotten A, Omega, Spiritus, Saint Andrew’s Cross and Greek Cross, they are all present in the signs of the Church.
- The Jaca's Chrismon is a masterpiece of the basic concepts of its era, and the Romanesque. In the ring, it inscribed in latin the controversial issue of Trinity of persons and Oneness of God "In this sculpture recognizes, reader, as follows: P designates the Father, A to the Begotten and the double (letter) to the Spirit begetter, the three are really one and the same Lord". In the inscriptions with each of the lions who guard the Chrismon, it referred to the good people and the bad people. The letter P used as a greek letter, XPS, for the Christ name and the same letter P as a latin letter for Spirit, SPS.
My thanks to Aº Omedes for his permission to use his work on the Jaca signs.


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