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San Juan del Mercado de Benavente


- Pater 19%, Filius 15%, Spiritus 3%, Alfa 2%, Omega 51%, Stonemasons 3%,
Censer 3%.
- Trinitas and Maria are absent. Omega predominates absolutely, followed by Pater.
- Alfa, Pater, and Spiritus predominate in Apses.
- They are significant on the Walls Nave (95% of the total) the same signs that in total.
- Omega has a much closed form of ε and beautifully executed.
- It was initiated by the daughter of the de Villalobos Count, Aldonza Osorio. She resorted soon to the Saint John's Military Order to which it belonged
as shown by the abundance of the Omega sign.
- I recommend the excellent book of"San Juan del Mercado" of Elena Hidalgo, published by the Centro de Estudios Benaventanos Ledo del Pozo. It is a job well structured and documented.
It is quite common for stonemasons let their imagination run wild in the church upper parts where the signs are not visible. In this case, the same thing happens in some blocks that transform some signs in female forms.


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